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5V 1A Regulated Linear Power Supply

It would be pointless to build a nice quiet SDR receiver and then power it with a noisy switching power supply. These 5 volt, 1000 milliamp, linear power supplies were chosen specifically for the N3, to allow the user to provide very clean, noise free power to the external power input of the N3 SDR Receiver and other Nongle hardware.

The 3 meter (10 feet) long cord is ideal for keeping a crowded work bench clear and allows the power supply to reach a bench plug well beyond arm's reach. There is no connector on the end of the cord, and the leads are pre-tinned, to allow you to effortlessly connect it to the male power connector of the N3 or into the power rails of your breadboard.

Don't use the noisy USB power source from your computer and don't use the more common switching power supplies available on the market to power your N3 SDR Receiver.

Take advantage of the true potential of your hardware by powering it with a proper linear power supply. The first time you're chasing an extremely faint signal, you'll be glad you did.

When ordering, please specify an input connector for use in the U.S. or E.U.